How Will I Know If IM Pregnant after Being on the DEPO Shot?


If you are on the Depo shot and are showing the common pregnancy symptoms you will probably need to see a doctor for a blood test. A home test will probably test positive since the shot makes your body think you are pregnant.
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Answer Its unlikely to become pregnant while on DEPO. See your doctor for a blood test. The symptoms would be the same symptoms as any woman gets when she's pregnant. See your doctor
There is only a very small chance of becoming
I'm on the same boat. I was supposed to get my 2nd shot on Dec.22. I heard it takes a few months to get pregnant again, but it's different for everyone. My doc wants me to take a
Hi For some women, fertility returns immediately. For others, it may take 6-18 months or longer for the body's hormone cycle to go back to normal. It really depends upon your body
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