How Will the Soil Affect the Crops a Farmer Can Grow?


Soil has an immense affect on the crops farmers can grow. Soil should be one of the predominant deciding factors when choosing what types of plants to grow. According to leading experts such as those at The Soil Association, the healthier the soil, the healthier the plants, and, ultimately, the healthier the people who consume it. To learn more about The Soil Association and how soil affects farmers' crops, visit .
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The soil determines what crops can grow, and how well they will grow. Organic matter in the soil, amount of clay, and pH (acidity) are all factors in how fertile the soil is. Different
well, there are lots of factors which affect soil fertility, for instance, the pH of the soil (whether it is acidic or alkaline) the water holding capacity/porosity of the soil (how
Grasshoppers lay eggs in late summer or fall and the eggs hatch around spring. Grasshoppers typically begin their lives eating grass in ditches then migrate to crops, such as newly
The soil is thin and rocky making conventional plowing impossible. What little soil there is won't retain water because the rock below sucks it up. - .-- Source(s):
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