How Would Pioneers Treat a Scorpion Bite?


Pioneers would treat a scorpion bite by using a plant known as Western Mugwort. The plant is found near the western part of the country. They used it in different forms. These included its use as a poultice, or in tincture form.
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Of the 1500 scorpion species, the vast majority are only capable of producing a local reaction similar in scope and effect to a bee sting. Only around 50 species are known to produce
1. Wash the affected area with soap and water. 2. Apply a cool compress by soaking the cloth or rag in cold water or wrapping ice in it and applying it to the site of the sting. 3
By applying chewing tobacco juice from their mouth to the sting.
A brown recluse spider bite is usually treated with an antibiotic such
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