How Would You Describe Summer?


Summer is the best season of all. The warmth of the sun always seems to be inviting to just sit along a creek somewhere and watch the water flow swiftly along the rocks. The world seems alive with birds, butterflies and other creatures scurrying along.
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Nouns are not describing words; adjectives describe nouns. The word summer is a noun which could be described by the adjectives hot, chilly, rainy, long, short, best, worst, last,
Hot, colorful, humid, stormy, blissful, fun, blistering, sweaty, long, and
Summer is hot. It's in the middle of the year. It includes the months June, July & August.
Adjectives such as pleasant, sunny and cloudless can be used to best describe summer. report this answer. Updated on Monday, February 06 2012 at 05:09AM EST. Source:
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There are a number of adjectives that could describe summer. They would include sunny, pleasant, gorgeous, balmy and more. ...
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