How Would You Find the Volume of a Cube Using the Immerion Method?


To find the volume of a cube using the immersion method you need to put some water into a container. Know exactly how much water you put in. Then place the object whose volume is in question. Now measure the amount of water that appears to be in the container. Subtract the beginning number from the end number and you will have the volume of the object.
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1. Line a row of sugar cubes along the longer bottom edge of the box. Keep track of how many cubes you use along this edge, which is the length. 2. Line cubes against the edge of
L X W X H Length times width times height. For an odd object, put an object in a graduated cylinder, measure the level before and after the object was put in, subtract the two quantities
Archimedes took a relaxing immersion bath and
Length multiplied by Width multiplied by Hight.
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If you have an object that you wish to find the volume of, you can simply drop it into a graduated cylinder full of water. Measure the difference in the reading ...
There are several units of measurement that could be used to find the volume of a sugar cube. Among them are cubic inches, cubic feet, cubic yards, and cubic meters ...
A tool that you could use to find the volume of a small wooden cube would be a ruler. Measure the length, width and height and multiply to find the volume in ...
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