How Would You Respond to Buenos Dias?


To respond to Buenos Dias, you start by greeting a person or saying hello to a person. Buenos Dias refers to good morning and 'Hola'(pronounced oh-la) means hello. Inquire how a fellow is doing by asking, 'Como estas?' Which means how are you doing? The fellow responds by saying 'bien' or 'estoy bien,' that is if the fellow is fine. Shake someone's hand and say 'encantado.' If a fellow greets you first by saying that, respond by saying 'mucho gusto.' When you need to leave a group of people, say 'perdon' for pardon me. At the end of every conversation, say 'adios' (good-bye). Buenos Dias can be obtained online from
Q&A Related to "How Would You Respond to Buenos Dias?"
It's proper to respond with buenos dias. It means Good Day and is the same as saying hello.
One proper response would be "¿como estas" or "how are you". THnaks...
You could say, "Y usted" meaning "You too" OR "Good morning to you too" Buenos dias means "Good day" in Spanish.
The literal translation of "buenos dias magnificos" in English is "good morning gorgeous" Ask us anything. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02
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