Do howler monkeys have any enemies?


Howler monkeys have few enemies, though young howler monkeys are vulnerable to the harpy eagle. The biggest threat to the howler monkey is humans. Local tribes hunt them for food, and they are often exported as pets.

Howler monkeys live in Costa Rica. They are one of the loudest monkeys on Earth, with a call that can be heard from 3 to 4 miles away. They live in groups, and the dominant male uses his loud voice to warn others away from his group's territory. Howler monkeys can reach 2 feet tall and weigh approximately 15 pounds. They are the largest monkey in the Americas.

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These are very slow moving monkeys. They mainly eat leaves from the canopy along with fruit, nuts and flowers. They will occasionally raid birds nest and chicken coops also.
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A howler monkey is slow that is why to protect itself, it stays in large groups of up to twenty monkeys per group. Although these monkeys are slow, they are good ...
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