Howler Monkeys Enemies?


Howler monkeys main enemies are the harpy eagles. Other include the armadillos and jaguars. Howler monkeys are endangered species because of deforestation and care should be taken to conserve them.
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Howler monkeys belong to the taxonomic order of primates, which includes all other monkeys, apes, lemurs and humans. Within this they belong to the family Atelidae, a group of New
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Monkey enemies tend to be leopards and eagles. They climb up the trees to escape leopards and climb down trees to escape eagles. They emit a loud 'pyow' sound ...
Howler monkeys are rare in that they are folivores, meaning their diet consists primarily of leaves. While they do eat primarily canopy leaves, they also eat some ...
A spider monkey has a low amount of enemies, but not a simple life. They are hunted by both humans and jaguars, but the combination is causing them to become endangered ...
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