What is Dvd Rw?


A DVD RW is a DVD disc that can be re-written. Unlike a DVD you get from the video store, you can erase the data from a DVD-RW and put new information onto it.
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Types There are two types of DVD RW's, DVD+RW and DVD-RW. Originally, depending on the brand, DVD drives only worked with one of the two types. Now most DVD drives from major manufacturers
1. Erase and reformat a DVD-RW disk. Although the process of erasing and reformatting a DVD-RW is the same as with a DVD+RW, the main difference between the 2 formats comes in when
It is a kind of drive the specfically targets the job of putting datas and reading datas to and from a DVD with a RW format (re-writable)
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Since the laptop can read data, there is a good chance that the HP Presario v2000 laptop does not have the software to play the DVDs. Auto-play might also be disabled ...
RW an acronym for the term rewritable, which is used to refer to an optical disc whose contents can be erased and rewritten over and over. A DVD-RW is typically ...
A digital video disk rewritable or dvd-rw is an optical compact disc format developed by Pioneer. Its storage capacity can be comparable to a dvd-r of 4.5gb. ...
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