HPV Vinegar Test?


HPV testing identifies the existence of the human papillomavirus which leads to the development of genital warts, or cervical cancer. HPV is tested using different tests like the HPV Vinegar test where your doctor may apply a vinegar solution that turns HPV- infected genital areas white. With the Pap test, a sample of cells is collected from your cervix just like in the DNA test and sent to the lab for analysis. While the Pap test may reveal abnormalities that lead to cervical cancer, the DNA test will recognize high risk varieties of HPV that are linked to genital cancers.
Q&A Related to "HPV Vinegar Test?"
1. Make a list of symptoms you (or your partner) are experiencing. 2. Schedule an appointment with a well-informed medical professional. 3. While at your appointment, advise the doctor
HPV stands for Human Pappiloma Virus. It is the main virus that causes a sexually transmitted disease known commonly as genital warts. You can have the HPV virus and not transmit
When you have a Pap test, your doctor can also check you for HPV. It isn't painful at all,
An ongoing, or persistent, infection with a high-risk HPV type is the most important cause of and risk factor for cervical cancer. However, studies have shown that other factors may
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