What is an HR scorecard?


A HR scorecard is a visual representation of the achievements of a human resource department based on key measures set out within the organization. The scorecard is a detailed description of a human resource department in terms of its efficacy and organizational structure.

Some of the factors measured on a HR scorecard include training, costs, turnover, alignment with corporate goals and performance management, according to Azcentral.com. A premise of HR scorecards is that a human resource department ought to develop parameters that show its value for the organization. A HR scorecard helps to determine whether HR is providing the necessary deliverables in its mandate.

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The HR scorecard metrics are the capacity tools that are generally used and put into practice in order to evaluate the activities and performance of HR department capably”.
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What Is an HR Scorecard?
A scorecard is a methodology to look at how an organization is performing by measuring the performance. How an organization performs is based on the mission and vision created into a road map. For example, a scorecard determines if you are meeting your... More »
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