Huang Ho?


The Huang Ho river is also known as the Yellow River. It is the second longest river in China and is now called the Huang He river.
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the HUANG HE river or the yellow river stretches nearly 3,000 miles across northern china. the river often floods and those leave behind layers of silt on the surrounding countryside
by the huang he river?
The Huang River is located on Asia
Huang He (hwäng′ hĕ′) also Hwang Ho (hō′) or Yellow River A river of northern China rising in the Kunlun Mountains and flowing about 4,827 km (3,000
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Huang ho river is the second longest river in China. Its source is the Kunlun Mountain in china and its mouth is the Gulf of Bohai. It passes through seven provinces ...
In Huang Ho River Valley Civilization, also known as Yellow River Civilization, people live with farming since they have a very fertile land. They use iron metallurgy ...
Yü the Great chased out dragons and serpents along the Huang Ho River, he sunk the 'Great Flood' from the river so that people could stay along ...
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