What is the average human bite force?


The human bite force refers to the amount of force a human has when he or she bites down on something. The weight of an average human bite force is 720 N. This is much less than the bite of a great white shark, which weighs in at 18 kN
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Depending on both sex and age, it varies from 90 kg in teenaged females and 160 in teen boys. By age 40, men have increased bite force to 260kg. Women increase less dramatically.
The bite force of a human is 150 pounds per square inch. A shark has a bite 20
A human's bite force is about 150 pounds. A Spotted Hyena has the most powerful with 2400 pounds!
Human bites can occur either by a direct bite (when a child bites someone, for example) or indirectly, by a body part striking someone's mouth (which might occur in a fight or sports
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