Human Center of Gravity?


A person's center of gravity depends on their height and weight. Gender is also a factor. Most of a man's weight is above the waist. A woman's is below her waist. So the center of gravity on a man is his lower chest, while a woman's is closer to her stomach.
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1. Measure the person's height with measuring tape. She should be barefoot so you get a correct measurement. 2. Place two flat bathroom scales on the floor. The scales must be calibrated
The point is inside your torso, roughly halfway between the skin of your tummy and the skin of your back, and centered left-to-right. It's somewhat lower in females, because of the
The center of gravity is a complicated mathematical problem. In as easy terms as I can use, it is the point of an object where the entire weight of that object is concentrated. Look
The center of gravity also known as the center of mass is where the systems mass
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How to Find a Human's Center of Gravity
A human's center of gravity is the location on the body where the weight of the body is concentrated. A person's height and weight both affect the location of the center of gravity. Weight is a measurement of the force of gravity on the body, and height... More »
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The center of gravity is the average place where the weight of an object is present. You can find the center of gravity of objects with different shapes, whether ...
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