Human Diseases Caused by Protists?


Human diseases caused by protists include malaria and many others. Malaria is caused by the protist plasmodium. Another diseased caused by protists is African sleeping sickness. Other protists that cause illness in people are found in untreated drinking water and include giardiasis, cryptosporidium illness, and amebic dysentery.
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Entamoeba histolytica, one of those amoebic protists, and he can only complete his life cycle in our guts. It's mostly those with undeveloped immune system that die. Giardia lamblia
Protists are eukaryotes, meaning they have a nucleus, and are classified in the Kingdom Protista, which also includes algae, protozoans and some types of fungus. These organisms are
Malaria is caused by protists. As well as vaginal encephalitis and
Species of Trypanosoma are the cause of "sleeping sickness," East Coast fever, and Chagas's disease. All of these diseases are common in tropical areas. The trypanosomes
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Protists are microorganisms. Protists that are harmful to humans include Kinetoplastids and Apicomplexa. These protists cause diseases. Protists can be found in ...
Plasmodium vivax is the type of protist that causes malaria. This infectious disease is spread by mosquitoes that bite humans. Thousands of people have died because ...
Protists are single celled organisms. While protists do cause diseases, they also benefit humans. They are food to higher organisms. Some of them also produce ...
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