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One of the first things people notice about another person is their eye color. This is especially true if their eyes are unique in color. Eye charts were once used to predict what color a baby's eyes might be according to the parents' eyes. When you need to learn how to read the human eye color chart you need to learn more about how the complex world of genetics works for eye color.
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The human eye can see several colors but can see hundreds of shades of those different colors. Pink is a shad of red while orange is a mixture of red and yellow.
Eye color is polygenic and controled by 4 pairs of genes .Blue eye color is totaly recessive to all other colors .
An eye color chart displays objects of progressively smaller size with larger size
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There may be various eye color charts to refer to. However, in general, it helps to look closely and carefully at the eye color, such as your own in a mirror. ...
A color spectrum chart is basically a diagram of all of the wavelengths and how they are perceived by the human eye. It is also defined as a chart that has a band ...
The human eye that is colored is called the iris. The iris is colored because pigmentation exists in the eye, unless you have albinism and then you would not. ...
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