What are the human life cycle stages?


The human life cycle can be seen in stages. The human life starts when an egg is fertilized. Once the egg is fertilized it develops into a fetus while in the womb. After the fetus is born it is called a baby. The baby grows to become a toddler. The toddler grows and becomes a child. As the child grows it becomes an adolescent. The adolescent grows to become an adult. The adult grows and reaches old age. After old age comes death.
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It depends on how you look at it, but the stages of a human life cycle may
1. Begin by discussing when the life cycle commences: at birth, although some scientists would suggest that the life cycle begins when eggs are fertilized and begin to develop. For
Read the seven stages of man.
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Stages of the Human Life Cycle
Human beings develop through periods of life that can be classified as stages. These stages are used by psychologists and scientists to determine physical, emotional and psychological characteristics for each aspect of life.... More »
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