What is the range of the human voice in decibels?


Decibel (dB) is the standard unit for sound measurement in Phsycis. It measures the sound volume relative to a reference audio level. The decibel range for human voice is 300 Hz to 3500 Hz.
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The audible range depends really on the age of the human being. As a baby you may hear from 20 Hz the lowest tone up to 20000 Hz the highes recognizable tone. At an age of 20 you
Humans can hear from 0 decibels to 130 decibels (which is the
Use the "0 dBSPL - Hearing Threshold, 1 Pascal" pulldown to select different environments using the following site: http://www.a2dvoices.com/realitycheck/db… Site
Cello. The Cello is played sitting down. This instrument has an endpin that adjusts to the Cellist's height. Basses also have endpins.
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