What is a Hummel value?


While Hummel figurines were very popular in the United States after World War II and commanded high prices into the 1970s, prices dropped drastically in subsequent decades. As of June 2014, Hummel figurines usually fetch less than 20 percent of the values ascribed to them in various price guides.

Antique HQ offers a free Hummel figurine price guide that cites prices ranging from $55 to $4,900, as of 2014, for figurines and Nativity set pieces. However, even this price guide acknowledges that the fair market value of each piece is less than one-third the retail price. According to Daily Finance, most Hummel figurines on auction sites sell for less than $50 each as of 2010, with some items not selling at all.

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1. Familiarize yourself with the Hummel trademark symbols; there are eight, according to the Deutsches Haus website. The trademarks represent the different periods in which the Hummel
I bought one in an antique shop in Budapest a couple of months ago. It was priced 200 euros but I got it for 160. At the time I didn't know anything about Hummels, I now think it
I collect Hummels and if you have a question about the Hummel you have go to. www.mihummel.com. which is the offical site and ask them. But if it has the Hummel signuature and id
This may help. http://collectibles.about.com/library/ar….
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How to Find the Value of Hummels
Hummel ceramic figurines have drawn the attention of collectors and admirers since their introduction by the Geoble Germany Company in 1935. Based on the drawings of Sister M.I. Hummel, the figures -- mostly of children in everyday scenes -- are loved... More »
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