Hummingbird Adaptations?


The hummingbird's behavioral adaptations are a long and thin bill. This thin bill allows the hummingbird to probe deeper into flowers and makes it easier to access food sources. Hummingbirds can beat their wings very quickly as their wings are narrow and tapered.
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A hummingbird has an extremely fast metabolism.It lives on the edge of survival. In order to survive, a hummingbird has a semi-hibernation state called torpor. A hummingbird goes
They have to eat often because they burn so much energy with their high metabolism. They are adapted to drinking high energy nectar. They have long thin bills to reach the nectar
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Well being that a hummingbirds main food source is insects does not make it necessary for them to always have flowering plants around which might not be readily available in a city.
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Hummingbird Adaptations
Hummingbirds have adapted in various ways to life in the tropical rain forest and temperate climates. More than 300 different species of hummingbirds exist. The hummingbird family (Trochilidae) is one of the largest families of the New World. The bird's... More »
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