What are humorous oral interpretation pieces?


Humorous Interpretation is one of the events in the competitive high school forensics leagues, like the National Forensic League and the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association. A humorous interpretation consists of a piece of published work that has been edited to fit in a 10 minute window with a 30 second grace period. These oral pieces are judged based on how the person portrays their characters and if they are humorous or not. While rules vary by state, they all say the piece needs to be humorous, published, and ten minutes or under.
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The best humorous interpretation piece depends on several things,
You can move around as much as you want (including getting on one knee - perhaps both if you really wanted to, although I'd double check with your league rules on that) but it's not
'Nearly eight' from Blood Brothers: I wish I was our Sammy, our sammys nearly 10, He's got two worms and a catapault. and he built an underground den. But Im not allowed to go in
I'm looking really for oral interpretation of prose, but no selections from drama. Not too long, this needs to be somewhat memorized, and preferably something that does not need to
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