Hump on Back and Neck?


There are exercises one can do to prevent or get rid of a hump on the back of the neck. Neck retraction is part of a stretching exercise that moves the head forward and stops a hump from growing.
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The spine is composed of bones called vertebrae. These form little lumps that you can see or feel under the skin, particularly at the back of the neck.
"Dowager's Hump" if you have Dowagers Hump - that is an indication
1. Loosen your collar or remove your shirt. 2. If you're using an electric trimmer, set it on its closest setting and turn it on. If you're using a razor, apply a small amount of
(hŭmp'băk') n. See hunchback (sense 1). A humped upper back. A humpback whale. humpbacked hump'backed' adj.
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