How many hunting accidents happen every year?


According to, about 1,000 hunting accidents happen every year within the U.S. and Canada. Almost 10 percent of those accidents involve deaths. Hunters account for most, but not all, of the victims.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation offers several guidelines for safe hunting. Every hunter needs to assume that all guns are loaded. The muzzle of the gun should always point away from people. The trigger should not be touched until the hunter is ready to fire. Hunters must be completely certain that their targets are actually game. A hunter is obligated to make sure that the area around the target is clear in case of a missed shot. In addition, the department highly recommends wearing hunter orange to increase visibility in the field.

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Hunting accidents have dramatically declined in recent years, because
How Many People are Killed or Injured in Hunting Accidents? Answer: According to the. International Hunter Education Association. approximately 1,000 people. in the US and Canada
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