How are hurricane straps installed on a roof?


Hurricane straps solidify a new home's frame and roofing in the event of a hurricane. To install the hurricane straps to a roof, the process must be done during the construction of the home. After the frame is put up, the metal straps are added to strategic places as added support.
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1. Install hurricane straps to a roof on new construction. These straps are usually done after the home is completely framed. Access to your roof trusses or roof system is easy at
When you build or buy your home, you expect it to protect you from the elements. The heat of summer, hard rain and strong winds are shielded from you when you are in the comfort of
when it comes to ur deck, we use hurricane straps to tie the deck down to the foundation and/or to the pilings that support the deck. the straps r designed to control up lift from
Hurricane straps are joints of galvanized steel that secure your roof to the walls of your home. There are a variety of styles of hurricane straps that are available to choose from
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