What are some good husband and wife tattoos?


If you use a little common sense, husband and wife tattoos can be a great way to express your love for one another not only to each other but to the world, depending on where the tattoos are. Even if your tattoos are where other people probably won't see them, for example the breasts or bottom, you'll know they are there and that can be a good thing unless the marriage ends. Even then, tattoos can be removed but you might choose to keep your tattoo just to remind yourself of not wanting to be with that person for whatever reason.
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Instructions. Be open minded. If someone asks you out on a date, accept it. You never know what you might find out about that person that you didn't already know. Never say no to
The best tattoo idea for a husband and wife is to get
The law for a wife and husband is different from that for other people. As long as they are living together, unless there is physical abuse, the government usually refuses to get
It is humiliating. Especially if you are a woman. A woman wants to look up to her husband, not down on him. It is depressing. Seeing your spouse making the most stupid mistakes or
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