Husband Discipline?


Husband discipline is also known as domestic discipline, and some men crave being physically, mentally, or emotionally disciplined by their wives, girlfriends, or significant others. One thing to be careful of is that the practice should be wanted by both partners; otherwise, one or the other, or both, will end up feeling not only used but resentful as well, There also needs to be a clear line between discipline and out-and-out abuse. Also, there is no need to use physical discipline if you don't to. Your husband may be just as happy with mental or emotional discipline.
Q&A Related to "Husband Discipline?"
Usually I am 100% against hitting a female but ,I think I would make an exception to that just for once. You deserve all that's coming to you.
I don't have a husband so I can't discipline him. !
Wow, you are a brave one, you have two kids about grown and out, and you are wanting to start over? I would be thinking vacations and candle light dinners. :) Anyway, back to your
He is being selfish and wants to play the nice guy in the parental role. He doesn't want the responsibility of discipline and he doesn't care that you have to do it all. He's not
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