How to Train a Husband?


To train a husband, first know him for example his strengths, weaknesses, what makes him happy, sad angry and anything else that will help you. Reward good behavior for example if he washes his dishes after dinner tell him thank you. Ignore bad behavior and the easiest way to get behavior you detest to stop is to ignore it. For husband training stories visit .
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1. Know your husband. Know his strengths, weaknesses, what makes him happy, sad, angry and anything else that will allow you to appropriately train him to be the husband you want
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It depends on what you mean. Do you mean train a husband who is a sissy to do things your way? Or do you mean train a husband to accept a new role as a sissy and see himself that
What is the main reason the young women in the story was ashamed of the way her husband bought the lion craving in the story the
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A well-trained husband is one that knows how to answer the age old question 'Honey, does this make me look fat?' For a lot of unmarried or newly married men, this ...
To train a husband well; first, do not nag or shout at him as it never works, ignore his bad behaviour and also allow him his space especially when he is doing ...
A wife training her husband to be a slave would start with her telling him everything to do. The husband would have to be at the beck and call of the wife to be ...
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