How do you deal with an unhappy husband?


The most important step in dealing with an unhappy husband is identifying what is making him unhappy. Once the problem is understood, it's much easier to help him find his way back to happiness.

  1. Identify the source of the problem

    Poor communication is a common marital problem. It's important to keep the lines of communication open as you try to identify the factors that are making him unhappy. Have deep and open conversations with your husband about the issues that are causing his unhappiness.

  2. Fix the problem

    Remember that you and your husband are a team. Create a plan on how to fix the problem, and start tackling it together one step at a time. This brings you closer together as a couple while simultaneously helping your husband feel better. According to Cathy Garrard of Redbook, the number one complaint of married men is that they wish they were more appreciated by their wives. Your husband is likely to appreciate the thought and effort that you are putting toward making him happier.

  3. Assess progress

    When the plan has been completed, assess the results. Is your husband happier? Are there more things that can be done to work toward the end goal? If so, begin putting together a new plan that you can work on to continue on the road toward happiness.

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