How to Deal with an Unhappy Husband?


Here are the tips of how you can deal with unhappy husband. Make your husband get to know that you a lot of trust in him and will be there for him no matter what. Give him some space. Support him by always being on his side. Ask him what you can do for him. Give your unhappy husband extra attention and affection without asking anything of him. Husband Unhappy is husband who is not happy.
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1. Let your husband know that you trust him and will be there for him no matter what, even if his unhappy feelings involve you. Listen to his needs without getting defensive. Respond
if she loves him and still she is unhappy she want to change as her husband likes. if she doesn't love him it better to b apart.
Hire a baby sitter and go some place.
People usually can tell by the way someone acts. If there is a change
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