How do you calculate an HVAC duct size?


There's no magic HVAC duct calculator, but you can calculate an HVAC duct size with the right information. First, find the normal operational air flow rate of your unit in the manuals that came with it. Then find the operational air speed in the manuals. Divide the air flow by the air speed to get the HVAC duct size in square meters.
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1. Determine the normal operational air flow rate of your air conditioning unit. This information, measured in cubic meters per second, will be available in the documentation that
They are people who install Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment
The best elbow is one that has the least pressure loss. With round metal duct, you want to go with a large radius bend. As a rule of thumb, the radius of the turn (to the center line
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