How do you prune hydrangeas?


A person can prune Hydrangeas by removing dead canes. Old flowers should also be removed from the Hydrangea. Pruning should actually be done throughout the summer.
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1. Look closely at the hydrangea flower heads toward the end of the blooming season. There are actually two types of flowers on each head. You will see that the larger flowers have
Bigleaf hydrangea has everything it needs to seduce a gardener. It's an easy-care perennial shrub with big, beautiful blossoms that decorate a garden all summer long. Plants producing
1. Dig a hole that is 1 1/2 times the diameter of the pot the hydrangea was purchased in. 2. Use the side of the shovel to loosen the interior of the planting hole. 3. Place the roots
1. Pack about an inch-thick layer of peat moss over the topsoil in which the hydrangea plant is established. Do this whether the plant is rooted in the ground or in a planter. Peat
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[hahy-dreyn-juh, -jee-uh, -dran-]
any shrub belonging to the genus Hydrangea, of the saxifrage family, several species of which are cultivated for their large, showy flower clusters of white, pink, or blue.
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