How do you prune hydrangeas?


A person can prune Hydrangeas by removing dead canes. Old flowers should also be removed from the Hydrangea. Pruning should actually be done throughout the summer.
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1. Pick a wreath base. You can make your own by using a wire clothes hanger or garden vines. If you decide to design your own, make sure to shape the hanger or vine into an even,
1. Dry the blooms right on the plant. Leave any flowers that are already changing color on the plant to dry. Cut them off when they feel completely dry and papery to the touch. 2.
1. Cut any damaged branches and diseased leaves and pull them from the plant. Do not place any diseased cuttings in your compost pile. Toss them in the trash in order to control the
1. Plant hydrangeas in a location where they receive full sun or partial shade, with afternoon shade being preferred. Mix compost into the soil before planting, adding sand in small
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[hahy-dreyn-juh, -jee-uh, -dran-]
any shrub belonging to the genus Hydrangea, of the saxifrage family, several species of which are cultivated for their large, showy flower clusters of white, pink, or blue.
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