Hydraulic Fluid Cross Reference?


A hydraulic fluid cross reference chart helps you see which products from which brands are equivalent to each other. For instance, Shell's Tellus T 32 compares to Mobil's DTE 23, but Shell's Tellus 32 compares to Mobil's DTE 24. Making sure that you use an appropriate hydraulic fluid with your vehicle is best for optimum performance.
Q&A Related to "Hydraulic Fluid Cross Reference?"
The cross reference hydraulic filter 86546618 New Holland hydraulic oil filter works with an sba140517020, even with this wix filter is set for a 40 - 45 HP engine. It is listed to
Unfortunately, there is no central place to go for OEM cross reference of most industrial oils, like hydraulic fluids. You should always call the Lube Tech Hotline for assistance
SBA340500960 is the part number for the Case/New Holland hydraulic filter. 86018758 and 86989735 appear to be compatible, as well.
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