What is hydrochlorot?


Hydrochlorot is a commonly used abbreviation for hydrochlorothiazide, a medication that is often called “water pills.” The pills are usually prescribed to help patients shed excess water. They work by blocking the body’s ability to absorb sodium, which causes increased water retention.

Hydrochlorot is in the same class with several other drugs called thiazide diuretics. Doctors prescribe hydrochlorot to treat a variety of conditions, including edema, hypertension, kidney disease and congestive heart failure. Additionally, hydrochlorot is sometimes helpful for patients who have undergone estrogen or steroid therapy.

Patients who take hydrochlorot for hypertension should take it exactly as their doctor prescribes. Hypertension can cause strokes and heart attacks, and hypertension is sometimes asymptomatic. Hydrochlorot is usually prescribed for daily administration. Doctors recommend taking the pill at the same time each day. The medication is usually prepared for oral administration.

Hydrochlorot must be prescribed by a physician because there are several other medications that may affect its reaction with the body. Patients with liver or kidney disease may not be able to take hydrochlorot. The drug’s side effects may be exacerbated by alcohol, so doctors caution against drinking while on the medicine. Typical side effects of hydrochlorot include stomachache, heartburn, dizziness and headaches.

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Hydrochlorot is also known as hydrochlorothiazide. It it a prescription medication that is used to reduce the amount of salt and water in your body. Therefore, it will make you urine
Benefits This medication helps lower blood pressure, which can help prevent a heart attack or stroke. Side Effects The side effects of hydrochlorot include rash, abdominal pain, diarrhea
Hydrochloride:1:a complex consisting of an organic base in association with hydrogen
I must tell you that you probably misunderstood all this. This drug you’ve mentioned –Hydrochlorot is not drug that effects heart. It belongs to the group of medications
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What is Hydrochlorot?
Hydrochlorot is not only used to treat high blood pressure, but it is also used to treat edema. While taking this medication you should use extreme caution when out in the sun for an extended period. This could cause you to become dehydrated, which could... More »
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