How to Remove the Compressor From a Hyundai XG300.?


1. Take the vehicle to a shop certified in air conditioning for evacuation of the system. Slide a socket onto the bolt in the center of the tensioner pulley, or, if on your particular year vehicle, the tensioner pulley has a square hole, insert the
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Here's a photo - remove cap, disconnect connector to bulb, move bulb retainer out of the way & extract bulb - installation of new bulb is in reverse order. If you want to
I've had mine since October, 2001. There have been some problems but nothing to get in a twist over. I try to hold onto my cars for ten years but I might get a new one in the next's_the_Lifespan_of_2...
there are 3 spark plugs in each cylinder head - 3 in front 3 in back You have to remove cover to expose coil packs you have to remove plemum (spelling) to access the back 3 If you
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The spark plugs on a XG300 Hyundai are located at the left bank near the Radiator and at the Right bank which can be opened by stripping off the Surge tank also ...
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