How do you calculate the tolls on I-95?


Not all parts of I-95 has tolls. If you are on the Maine Turnpike traveling from York to West Gardiner, Maine, the toll is $5 in 2013. There are no tolls in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and every state south of Maryland does not charge tolls.
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1. Determine your route along I-95, which passes through 15 states, some of which do not have tolls. 2. Look online to determine which tollbooths are along the route. The website
It's tricky. It gets hairy around NY-NJ due to all this stuff (peak vs. off-peak) and since I-95 doesn't connect well, it also depends where you cross into Pennsylvania/Delaware,
road goes from Florida to Maine which part or all? Source(s) p.
I believe that it changes for what time of the day it is when I was on it in
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How to Calculate the Tolls on I-95
Tolls vary from state to state along Interstate 95, running from Maine to Florida. Here's how to figure the cost to drive.... More »
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