How do you calculate the tolls on I-95?


Not all parts of I-95 has tolls. If you are on the Maine Turnpike traveling from York to West Gardiner, Maine, the toll is $5 in 2013. There are no tolls in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and every state south of Maryland does not charge tolls.
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1. Determine your route along I-95, which passes through 15 states, some of which do not have tolls. 2. Look online to determine which tollbooths are along the route. The website
95 is not a toll road in MD though I believe it's 1 dollar to go through the tunnel in Baltimore. Also, there is a $5 toll eastbound over the susquehanna in MD (Harford/Cecil counties
road goes from Florida to Maine which part or all? Source(s) p.
I believe that it changes for what time of the day it is when I was on it in
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How to Calculate the Tolls on I-95
When traveling along Interstate 95 on the East Coast, drivers should expect to pay a toll in some states. The highway has several tolls along the northbound and southbound routes that require payment either by cash or EZ Pass. An EZ Pass is a credit... More »
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