How can I get my EIN number?


If you forgot or lost your EIN number, also known as your Employer Identification Number, there are several resources that can be used to retrieve it. The Internal Revenue Service suggests contacting the bank where you have opened a business account because they might have it. Also, you can search for the notice received by the IRS when you first applied for your EIN. Finally, you can call the IRS at (800) 829-4933 and ask a representative to search for your EIN.
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1. Find the local IRS office in Indiana that filed your employer identification number application. In Indiana, there are IRS offices in Columbus, Evansville, Bloomington, Ft. Wayne
I assume from the facts presented that you are the sole owner of your small business. If you truly require an EIN in these circumstances, you file your request as a sole proprietor.
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