Why do women hate their boyfriends' kids who aren't grown?


Women and men have very different emotional needs, depending on their age and maturity levels. Women sometimes struggle with issues of trust, worth, loyalty and security within their relationships. Many women dating men with minor children from a previous relationship struggle with this dynamic. At times they have a sense that they are somehow competing with their boyfriend's children for affection.

In relationships, women often feed their desire to nurture by pouring much of their time, attention and energy into creating a happy and satisfied partnership. Too often, however, the partnership begins to feel unbalanced because of the woman's desire to have her actions and emotions reciprocated and because of her partner's inability to deliver the type of emotional and nurturing support that she needs.

When a man has the added responsibility of caring for and nurturing a small child, his emotional reserves sometimes become depleted, resulting in an inability to offer the same level of support to his female partner as he is able to offer his child. Women who are sensitive to this deficiency sometimes react with resentment towards the boyfriend's child out of a feeling that the child is the reason she does not receive the love and emotional support she feels she deserves.

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