How to Recover a Lost GED Certificate?


A lost GED certificate can be recovered as easily as a diploma. One needs to contact the place they obtained it at. Many places require that a fee be paid as well to recover it.
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1. Contact the organization that administered your GED test (for example, an adult education program at a high school or vocational school) In some cases, the organization will be
Visit the official GED Testing Service website at for information or call 1-800-62-MYGED (1-800-626-9433) to find your local GED Testing Center. The center can tell
A GED Certificate looks exactly the same as a high school diploma or any other degree or certification. This certificate will contain your name, the date it was received and the words
To retrieve your certificate call the testing center and request a copy. You could also call 1-800-626-9433. This is the number for the GED Testing Service.
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GED is an acronym for General Educational Development. GED certificate, also referred to as credential, is an equivalent of a high school diploma for a person ...
When you have lost your GED, you need to replace it. You can start by contacting the school that issued the GED. They may be able to replace the GED without a ...
1. Contact the GED Testing Center where you took the test. If you do not know the contact information, contact the American Council on Education. The GED Testing ...
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