I’m looking for a printer scanner copier fax all in one. Any advice?


Buy a LD117. You would pay once price for everything but toner and have a more sophisticated machine that would last longer than buying a brother every 6 months with toner every 1 to 2 months. Network print, scan to (file or email), fax and cut all the cost. Leasing now at 95$ a month. Hp toner - 80 to 100 dollars. Brother toner 75 - 95 dollars. Replacements for parts on each machine varies but they are more expensive than the toner. Hp is 3 to 5 cents per click with the LD 117 it's 1.5 cents with maintenance. Give me call (909) 373 -0197 my name is Jake.
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I have used Brother and now use HP --but they are all the same. While some models claim they are ALSO wireless, I have found the wireless part
'disappears.' However, when I re-connect my USB cord [back in] and
leave it, the HP as 'solely a wired 4 in 1' works fine.
James E. Gaskin (Author / Consultant / Speaker, GaskinTech)
Get one with an automatic document feed attachment. Makes is much easier to copy and scan pages.
The answer will depend on the way you use it. That said, I use an HP Officejet Pro 8500 in my personal office and have been very happy with it.
Jeff Bridges (Office manager)
I used http://www.bestbusinesscopiers.com/index.html#prices when I was looking into a new copier for our office. Konica Minolta, color, printer, scanner got a great price on it. I got some really competitive estimates so it was a tough choice. It depends how much you want to pay, I recommend checking them out, you'll be able to find a copier that fits your budget.
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Epson wins for best price/feature comparison, best warranty and lowest cost of ink. You can't beat their warranty. If anything goes wrong, they will fedex a replacement and pick up
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