I Need a List of Sweet Wines?


Sweet wines include dessert wines which are very sweet. Try Chateau dÕYquem for a great treat. Blush wines are sweet and White Zinfandel is very delicious. Fruity red wines are sweet and the CafŽ Zinfandel is wonderful. One off-dry white wine, in particular Chardonnay, is a sweet wine.
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Why doesn't the Arctic have air conditioning? Most pubs and restaurants here have decent wine lists. We're drowning in the good stuff.
Ho Bisogno di piu del vino.
Liquor stores and super centers such as WalMart should sale Marsala wine!
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Sweet wines are often called dessert wines. A list of sweet wines will usually have port included. While this can be served with dessert it is also a wine that one drinks on its own. Vin Santo and PX are two more popular sweet wines.
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