I Need a List of Sweet Wines?


Sweet wines include dessert wines which are very sweet. Try Chateau dÕYquem for a great treat. Blush wines are sweet and White Zinfandel is very delicious. Fruity red wines are sweet and the CafŽ Zinfandel is wonderful. One off-dry white wine, in particular Chardonnay, is a sweet wine.
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Wines can be loosely categorized as sweet, off-dry (semi-sweet) or dry. It is typically the amount of residual sugar in a wine that will determine a wine's level of sweetness. Remember
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Sweet wines are often called dessert wines. A list of sweet wines will usually have port included. While this can be served with dessert it is also a wine that one drinks on its own. Vin Santo and PX are two more popular sweet wines.
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