I Need Some Ideas for a Drug Free Poster?


There are a slew of creative ideas for drug free posters. One that really catches hearts and eyes should have a black background and display things like newborn children with drug-related birth defects. People need to be stirred to action. Any poster displaying before and after pics will leave a strong and sobering impression.
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hugs not drugs. No drugs is the way to be. Hope not dope. ugh to drugs. crack is wack! Source(s) http://www.missbimbo.com/forum/t133046,1….
Find a 12-step group--AA or NA--and keep going, especially when you feel like you don't want to go or don't need to go. Avoid people, places, and things that remind you of drinking
What are some good ideas for an open mic night poster? im helping make open mic night poster/banners for my high school and i need some ideas of what to write on the posters to get
  What should i do now? career ideas needed! I need some career/education advice. I studied for a BA in architecture at plymouth university but I failed my final year. After failing i decided not to go back and retake the year because I didnt think it was what I wanted to do anymore. I did at least come away from the course with a dipHE having completed and passed the first 2 years. For the past year and a half I've been living in west london doing odd jobs working for a company at earls court who run the cafes there for the live events and labouring on building sites. Inbetween times I have worked in various roles on film and tv productions as an art dept. assistant for the bbc at pinewood on little dorritt, as a production assistant on a hammer horror internet feature called beyond the grave which was shown on myspace. I've always had an interest in film and thought maybe this was the way to go, but like architecture having had a taste of it I'm not sure that it's what I want to do either. Having had no solid full time employment for the past year and what with the credit crunch I cant afford to live here anymore unless I find some kind of full time employment which I'm hesitant to do as I dont want to limit my career options further by taking some crappy job in starbucks. I'm 24 and the world just seems to be closing in all around me. My parents have offered to let me move back home so that potentially I could look into going back to university or doing some other form of education/training for a job I really want. But I dont know what I really want. Friends and family have suggested that I go back to uni and study film, but I dont see that as a realistic career path given what I learnt on sets in the past year, and I was useless at architecture, both the creative and the mathematical/technical sides. The only thing I really enjoyed about the course was that we had free rein in the workshop to create models of our ideas which I never had in design technology at gcse and a-level. Basically what I'm after is some career path ideas/job suggestions. Or suggestions about subjects to study if I decide to go back to uni.
Answer 1. Hi I studied Media at uni - its prob not the best option to go for. You could try something specified like risk management or perhaps human resource management. Answer 2
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