How to Reset a Brinks Combination Lock?


Draw an X on the back from the shafts to the bottom. Drill a 1/8 inch hole just above the middle of the X, turn dial to the right 4 times then slowly turn it right till you see a U shape notch then write the number down. Turn to the left watch for a notch write that # down turn back to the right till another U shaped notch appears open it last number,write it down now you have your combination to your Brinks lock.
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1. Enter the current combination on your Brink's safe and open the door. 2. Look for a button on the back of the door. In most cases, this button is small and red. Press the button
hold reset and type the newcode!
418392 is a model number of a Brinks lock.
Schools will buy locks in a large lot and a code is stamped on the back, different for each lock. Teachers can refer to a list that came with those locks and get the unlock code that
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