I Need to Find a Cell Phone Number?


Because cell phones are charged for usage, numbers are often kept confidential. Occasionally people post them in their profiles on business & social networking sites.
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1. Ask a mutual acquaintance for the number. It's likely you know friends or relatives of the person whose number you want. 2. Give the person your cell phone number. If he or she
1 Ask if you can look at their phone . If you do not know this person very well, then don't ask! They may not trust you. Also, they may think that you just want to show off by beating
You may ask the person what's his/her number or ask others related to him/her. But few sites has this kind of service. You'll just have to type some of the person's information and
Answer Turn the phone off. And then turn it on again. As it is powering up it will display the number on the screen.
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Unfortunately, there is not yet a directory for cell phone numbers. In the future, there may actually be a type of Yellow pages for the cell numbers. One way to find a persons cell number is to check on social media sites. Facebook will list peoples phone number in the directory on your Facebook page. If you are friends with the person, then you may be able to get the phone number from Facebook. Otherwise, you will need to ask the person for their phone number.
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