How do I find a person's home address?


One of the most accurate and legal methods to find a person's home address is to ask that person directly. This preserves the person's right to privacy and ensures that the address is current and complete.

There are multiple ways in which an individual can find another person's home address. These methods range from the legal, socially acceptable ways, such as asking the person directly, to illegal ways, such as stalking the person.

If the person has a listed telephone number, finding a person's home address is as simple as searching the phone book. When a person does not have a home phone or the number is unlisted, finding the home address requires much more research. In some cases, a simple web search pinpoints a person's address if it has been posted online. Information from web searches can be inaccurate or out of date.

Several "Person Search" services are available on the Internet, and such services are often able to provide personal details including a person's home address. Access to this information is often limited only those who are willing to pay for the search, and the information is not always accurate.

Because Internet services and searches are often inaccurate and stalking can land a person in jail, asking the person for their home address should be considered first.

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