How Does Blind Man See?


'I see said the blind man' is the starting line of a children's poem. This is often classified as a nonsense as well as funny poem. This particular poem is said to make sense grammatically but doesn't have sense semantically.
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jesus did a miracle duh!
18 November 1971(USA) See more »
The quotation is from the Journal of Visual Art Practice;
The first part is from the Bible. John 9:1-41. From there it became an example of what is called a "Tom Swiftie" which are "excruciating adverbial puns" originated
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I see said the blind man is a popular saying. It is typically said when a person realizes something. For example, if a person is confused about a recipe; once ...
Desiderius Erasmus. Although, it perhaps was made popular by a short story written by H.G. Wells entitled, "Country of the Blind. ...
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