How do you copy 8mm tapes to DVD?


If you have old 8mm or VHS tapes that you'd like to copy to DVD, there are services that will do the job for you. If you want to do it yourself you will need a video tuner card on your computer. You will then have to connect the tape player to the tuner card. You will also need the right software to do the conversion.
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1. Plug the video camcorder end of the video transfer cable into the 8mm camcorder. Plug the USB end of the video transfer cable into a USB port on the Mac. 2. Insert the 8mm videotape
I don't believe there is one machine that can do all you describe bu there are devices that can be used in conjunction with a computer. Check Hammacker Schlemer catalog. Search Slide
Get your tapes onto DVD with either a DVD Recorder or a Computer
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