How to Wire Ibanez Prestige EMGs.?


1. Remove the cover of the electronics cavity on the back of the guitar by removing the screws holding the cover in with the Philips screwdriver. Remove the pickups using the Philips screwdriver to loosen any pickup rings with screws or mounting
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For the Ibanez S5470 Prestige: Thickness 1st Fret 18mm - Thickness 12th Fret
Honestly, all you need to do is adjust your truss rod. But, you have a shitty guitar. Be careful how far you turn it. All you do is remove the truss rod cover at the top. There should But most important is the feel and the sound according to the player that
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Ibanez introduced the RG Prestige series models in 1987. The RG Prestige models are all made in Japan. The series also includes models with seven and eight strings ...
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