How do I Determine If My IBM Thinkpad 1300 Is WiFi Ready?


1. Click on your "Windows" button. 2. Click "Settings. Select "Control Panel. 3. Double-click on the "Systems" option. 4. Click on the "Device Manager" tab in the "System Properties" window. 5. Look under the "Network Adapters" section of the device
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"Ready" simply means you have the slot to insert a wireless modem, and that the wire for the antennae is installed. Two ways to see if it has the wireless card, Device Manager
Many ThinkPad models come with the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network without the use of any special hardware. IBM, then later Lenovo, has produced ThinkPad laptops both before
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1. Log in to Windows with an administrator account. 2. Launch your web browser and visit the IBM Tivoli Monitoring software website. Click the "Ready To Buy ...
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