How do I repair IBM T40 power socket?


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i may be wrong but.... most laptop processors are soldered onto the mobo and therefore cannot be changed without changing the whole board which is probably why laptop mobo's are much
Hi again, In a virtual LPAR you cannot see "sockets", you can only see processing units mapped to virtual CPUs. In an AIX perspective, those virtual CPU's are "cores&
Your IBM eServer xSeries x236 (type 8841 DDR2) has 4 banks of 2 sockets each for a total of 8 memory sockets. Setup 1 Bank 1 Sockets 1 - 2 Bank 2 Sockets 3 - 4 Bank 3 Sockets 5 -
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1. Power down your laptop. Close the display panel, and disconnect the power cable from its socket. Disconnect all external devices from the laptop. Place the ...
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