Ice Luminaries?


You can make ice luminaries by first freezing water in a bucket then removing the ice and drilling a hole large enough to insert a candle. You can add some fruit coloring to the water before you freeze it that is if you want colored luminaries. Ice luminaries add a unique glow and design element to Holiday decorations.
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1. Pour about 4 inches of water into the 5-gallon bucket, then set the bucket outside in the winter to allow the ice to freeze. 2. Place the coffee can on the center of the ice in
You use what ever container you like the shape of. It takes about 12 hours of freezing. You can keep checking them..or You can also put another container inside and weight it down
Making ice luminaries is a fun and easy craft project that will create unique icy hot Holiday decorations. All you need to make ice luminaries is various sized, flexible, water tight
I first saw ice luminaries gracing the steps of a local church several years ago. There were six of them, three on either side of the steps, lit up with simple white candles &ndash
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Choose a container, this will serve as the mould for the luminary that you can freeze water in. Add stones or other weights. Insert decorations in the gaps between ...
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