How to Troubleshoot an Ice Maker Water Valve?


To troubleshoot an ice maker water valve, you will need to see if the refrigerator is properly connected. Next is to open the water valve completely. You will need to see if there are any pinched water lines at the back. And finally, see if there are no blockages at the water valve.
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Having an ice maker in your refrigerator is a nice modern convenience. Many newer models of refrigerator freezer combination units come with an ice maker as a standard feature. Some are built into the freezer section, others have access through the door. Sometimes they stop working and it could simply be the water valve needs replaced. It is important to turn off the water and unplugging the refrigerator before starting to work on the ice maker. There are several different types of water valves, so it is important to get the one that fits your unit.
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1. Ensure that the refrigerator/freezer is properly connected to a power supply and water lines. 2. Open the water valve completely. Closed or partially shut water valves will prevent
Opens and closes an internal valve to provide/cut-off water to the icemaker - responds to pressure signal from the ice-maker to deliver/cutoff water - ice-maker signal activates an
Remove the white cover from the front of your ice maker. Click the link below and let me know if it looks like that part. Link to part. Thanks
I do not have the specific details for your unit, but the general procedure, is to control the water valve via the timer. The size of the cubes(which is the timeing of the valve)
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1. Turn off the water supply to the line in which you are connecting the ice maker line. Locate a vertical cold water pipe to connect the valve. Drill a hole in ...
Water lines can be run to a combination refrigerator ice maker and water dispenser by using a saddle valve. A saddle valve, as its name suggests, simply lies over ...
An automatic ice maker consist of an electric motor, an electrically operated water valve and an electrical unit. Hook the ice maker up to the electric circuit ...
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