Ideas for a 5 Minute Demonstration Speech?


If you are trying to give a 5 minute demonstration speech, trying to pack everything you need to explain in 5 minutes can be difficult. If you are going to be demonstrating a recipe some easy ways to get through the demonstration in 5 minutes are, have some of your ingredients already mixed together, and cooked if need be. Offer visuals such as slide shows and or fliers to help your audience not only hear your efforts but see them as well. Another great idea is to already have the finished product on hand so the audience can see what is supposed to come of the recipe as well as be able to try it if they choose to do so.
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I would do it on CPR
1. Brainstorm ideas. When writing a speech, getting started can be the hardest part, so begin by brainstorming and jotting down ideas. This helps get your creativity flowing and allows
Any topic can be interesting it is up to the speaker to make it so.
I would make a speech on "what makes a good speech" so u can talk about solid voice, suitable volume, eye contact, body gesture, clear ideas.etc. may sound kinda lame but
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